Offeren y Llwyn – Woodland Mass

Performance: Holyhead, Fall 2012



Yr Wylan – The Seagull

Performance: Holyhead, Fall 2012


Ymddiddan Athur a’r Eryr – Arthur’s Talk with the Eagle

Performance: Bangor, Fall 2012


Recreating Bardic Music – Trailer


Description of a Crwth – The White Piper’s Kaniad

Dyfaliad Crwth – Kaniad y Gwynn Bibydd

‘Dyfaliad Crwth’ is an extract from a long poem, ‘Cywydd Requesting a Crwth’, by Gruffudd ap Dafydd ab Howel (early 16th century). ‘Kaniad y Gwynn Bibydd’ is a piece music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript (British Museum Additional Manuscript 14905).

Video filmed at Patricio Church, Nr. Abergavenny by Ben Stammers and Sarah Roberts.


One Response to Video

  1. lynww says:

    I love this! It’s like listening to something familiar and yet forgotten, half-remembered from dreams or otherworld visions. Bravo!

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