Offeren y Llwyn – Woodland Mass

Performance: Holyhead, Fall 2012



Yr Wylan – The Seagull

Performance: Holyhead, Fall 2012


Ymddiddan Athur a’r Eryr – Arthur’s Talk with the Eagle

Performance: Bangor, Fall 2012


Recreating Bardic Music – Trailer


Description of a Crwth – The White Piper’s Kaniad

Dyfaliad Crwth – Kaniad y Gwynn Bibydd

‘Dyfaliad Crwth’ is an extract from a long poem, ‘Cywydd Requesting a Crwth’, by Gruffudd ap Dafydd ab Howel (early 16th century). ‘Kaniad y Gwynn Bibydd’ is a piece music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript (British Museum Additional Manuscript 14905).

Video filmed at Patricio Church, Nr. Abergavenny by Ben Stammers and Sarah Roberts.


1 Response to Video

  1. lynww says:

    I love this! It’s like listening to something familiar and yet forgotten, half-remembered from dreams or otherworld visions. Bravo!

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