Medieval and later Welsh music and poetry
Robert Evans/ lyre and crwth, Mary-Anne Roberts/ voice

Musical arrangements: Bragod
Reconstructions of vocal and instrumental music: Robert Evans

Robert Evans was born in North Cardiganshire. His research on the Robert ap Huw manuscript and Welsh medieval musical instruments began thirty years ago and is the foundation of Bragod’s work. He has contributed articles to organological and musicological journals and the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians; on the crwth and medieval Irish, Welsh and European harps.


Mary-Anne Roberts trained in Performance Arts in her native Trinidad and Tobago where she enjoyed a sucessful career in theatre and television before migrating to the UK. After a period of familiarisation to the sound of the cwth, she began concentrating on historical Welsh music and has performed with the instrument since 1999.

Robert Evans and Mary-Anne Roberts are members of the trio Lyræ Cambrenses in which they are joined by historical harpist William Taylor.