Kaingk Ryffydd ab Adda ab Dafydd

Crwth: Robert Evans, Voice: Mary-Anne Roberts


The englynion by Lewis ap Sienkyn and Sion Mowddwy, date form the 16th century and show the anxiety of trained poets, (and no doubt, harpers and crwth-players) concerning the growing taste among the Welsh aristocracy for the new amusements of the pipe, pipe and tabor and the fiddle. Their anxiety was well-founded as patronage for bardic music and poetry had almost dwindled to nothing by 1600.


ffei dabwrdd dwmbwrdd difwynder / kanu

ffei or kene sy iw harfer

ffei or bib, nid offer ber

ffei o adlais y ffidler./

Sion Mowddwy


Fie dinning tabor, unenjoyable song,

Fie the knave who uses it;

Fie the pipe, not a sweet instrument,

Fie the fiddler’s echo.


The verse above is from ‘Detholiad o Englynion’ Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, Part III, (1953), p.187.

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